Just the best Shawarma



Our sandwiches include exquisite flavors from around the globe. Our signature Shawarama is made fresh, as with all our dishes, and tailored to perfection.

Entrees & Specialties


Our Chefs serve gourmet meals prepared with only the freshest organic produce. We ensure the quality of our dishes match the quality of our ingredients.

Soups & Salads


The best part of starting any meal is a fresh, crisp salad or flavorful steamy soup to start your appetite. Our soups and salads are just that. Take your pick from any of our options, you won't be disappointed.


Born out of our rich culture and delicious food, Shawarma King has become the great location for family dining in Salt Lake City, Utah. We wanted to bring our food not only to the community that knows and loves it but to the people who have never experienced the beauty and enjoyment of Middle Eastern or Greek Cuisine. After traveling the world and sampling different cuisines, we decided to make our way back home and share the joy of my mothers’ kitchen with the City of Salt Lake. Our biggest challenge was finding the right, high-quality ingredients for the dishes we wanted to serve, since are dedicated to offering only the finest and freshest foods. All our foods are fresh from farm to meal, and we cook the moment you place your order. We have also taken great care in assembling a team of only the best chefs, experienced kitchen, dining, and welcoming staff.